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The College of Pharmacy is committed to giving you both the scientific and professional skills to be a successful pharmacist. Our year-round, three-year, student-centered program integrates the latest in basic and pharmaceutical sciences.

Degree Pharm.D. (Doctor of Pharmacy)

Program StartJune

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AZ - Glendale

  • In-Person

College College of Pharmacy, Glendale Campus

Duration3 years

Class Size Approximation80-100

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IL - Downers Grove

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College College of Pharmacy, Downers Grove Campus

Duration3 years

Class Size Approximation80-100

The Midwestern Advantage

ذكذكتسئµ's investment in education, faculty, research, facilities, and clinical training translates into our students being "practice ready, day one".

The College of Pharmacy trains talented students to become highly sought-after pharmacists. Tailored to meet student needs, our college's pharmacy program is cutting-edge, comprehensive, and collaborative - and offers hands-on training with the latest technology and equipment.

You can choose from one of our two colleges to attend, Downers Grove, IL or Glendale, AZ. Both campuses offer a year-round three-year Pharm.D. curriculum, which will allow you to begin your pharmacy career sooner. Our curriculum will progress you through an organ-systems approach, integrating the principles of pathophysiology, medicinal chemistry, pharmacology, and pharmacotherapeutics to teach the safe, effective, and evidence-based use of drugs and drug therapies.

Additionally, our experiential education/rotations occur in full-time blocks, so that you can focus on learning to provide collaborative and exceptional patient care and contribute meaningfully to the pharmacy profession.

Each innovative curriculum is detailed:

Downers Grove, IL curriculum

Glendale, AZ curriculum


For your success as a future pharmacist, we offer these four benefits:

  1. Outstanding rotation opportunities
  2. Mentoring faculty
  3. Participation in research, leadership, and numerous pharmacy student organizations
  4. A vast network of alumni in all 50 states

The Pharmacy Profession: An Important Responsibility

Pharmacists are some of the most important professionals in healthcare. Pharmacists fill crucial roles in the healthcare cycle by planning drug therapies, determining dosages and schedules, and educating and counseling patients on proper use and possible side effects. At MWU, you will be trained in all facets of patient-centered care. Expert faculty will provide you with the knowledge to help patients understand when, how, and why to take those medications.

Our experienced faculty will train you to help advance the practice of pharmacy while providing exceptional service to your community. Through our depth of partnerships with the best medical centers, clinics, and diversity of pharmacies, and the proven track record of our alumni, we will build your future as a pharmacist.

Beyond community pharmacy — where approximately 60% of pharmacists practice — your diversity of pharmacy career options includes counseling, preventive medicine, wellness programs, patient education, technical writing or editing, retail or chain pharmacy ownership or management, or pharmacy practice within hospitals, nursing homes, extended care facilities, neighborhood health centers, health maintenance organizations, managed care pharmacies, or government service, as well as pharmaceutical industry research, sales, administration, or marketing. You may also combine your love of teaching, research, and public service by becoming a faculty member.

Apply to our College of Pharmacy and pay no application fee. You may contact our Office of Admissions at either campus to request a PharmCAS coupon code. Or complete , and we will send the code to you.


(Note: Reaching out to a given campus does not commit you to attending that particular ذكذكتسئµ campus. Each MWU Office of Admissions is able to assist you with obtaining a coupon code redeemable for a free application for either campus.)

At ذكذكتسئµ, we prioritize research to advance knowledge and offer students enhanced learning opportunities, fostering close collaboration with faculty researchers and peers on innovative projects.

Research at Midwestern

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The Midwestern Return on Investment

Career Placement & Salaries

Money magazine included pharmacists in their report of the nation's top 10 jobs based on growth, pay, stress-levels, and other factors, citing a 25% growth for the profession over the next 10 years.
Career Path
Estimated Starting Salary
Community Pharmacist
Ambulatory healthcare services
Hospitals; state, local, and private

Bureau of Labor Statistics, U.S. Department of Labor,

Pharmacy at ذكذكتسئµ


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Campus Options

Arizona campus
Illustration of Arizona with a star at Glendale


Located just 15 minutes from downtown Phoenix. Students can study and live on our sprawling 143-acre campus and practice at our University-owned clinics located just across the street.

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Downers Grove

Located just 25 miles west of Chicago. Students can study and live in the comfort and safety of a 105-acre campus in the suburbs and can practice at our University-owned clinics located just 10 minutes away.

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