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Your life outside of class starts with the resources of ذكذكتسئµ's Office of Student Services.

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ذكذكتسئµ's Office of Student Services is your source for nurturing, enhancing, and promoting growth and development in cultural and social settings, while also providing comprehensive support for your intellectual, physical, and emotional well-being.

Nurturing Personal and Professional Growth

Through the sense of respect, appreciation, and community you find among the Colleges of ذكذكتسئµ, you carry into your professional life an awareness, understanding, and acceptance of all individuals in our diverse world.

On our Campuses, Student Services includes the Office of the Dean, Office of the Associate Dean, Student Activities, Residence Life, Student Counseling Services, Disability Services, Tutoring Services, and Learning Strategies.  We coordinate student support service functions within the University and support all Colleges.

Comprehensive Student Support

Student Services develops and supports programs and services to enrich your experiences on campus, such as Student Government, Student Organization support, Student Tutoring Program, social and recreational activities, orientation, stress and time management seminars, multicultural and diversity programming, crisis intervention and interpersonal counseling, academic support, MWU Student Recycling Program, disability services and support, community outreach, intramural sports, and other developmental activities. Our doors are always open, and our staff is continually available to offer the support, advice, and encouragement you need to handle your concerns and meet your challenges.

Student Counseling

The Office of Student Services prioritizes student success by fostering a student-centered campus environment, offering comprehensive support services, and engaging campus activities.

Counseling Services

The Office of Student Services provides licensed counselors on-campus and an online 24/7 unlimited telehealth program, free to students, to help successfully negotiate life's issues when on- or off-campus. 

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Student & Academic Support

At ذكذكتسئµ, we support students with disabilities by providing fair opportunities and helpful resources like tutors and learning specialists.

ذكذكتسئµ ensures equal participation for qualified students with disabilities and offers reasonable learning/testing accommodations, along with academic support through Learning Specialists and both peer-based student tutors, as well as M.S. and Ph.D. level content-based tutors, called Senior Educational Specialists.

It is the policy of ذكذكتسئµ to ensure that no qualified student with a disability is excluded from participation in or subjected to discrimination in any University program, activity, or event.

The Office of Student Services houses Learning Specialists and Senior Educational Specialists who are available to assist students in effectively addressing academic challenges through individual appointments, workshops, and group sessions.

The Office of Student Services provides help with learning strategies and high-level content-based tutoring assistance from our Learning Specialists and Senior Educational Specialists, in addition to small and open group peer-based student tutoring services including assistance with content, test-taking skills, study habits, and time management. It is essential to note that these services require class attendance, meetings with faculty, and the necessity to come as prepared as possible for tutoring sessions, as tutoring sessions are not meant to be reiterations of lectures.

Title IX

ذكذكتسئµ is committed to ensuring the safety and security of all its members. Title IX of the Educational Amendments of 1972 prohibits sexual discrimination. Sexual harassment and sexual violence are considered forms of sexual discrimination and are therefore violations of Title IX. ذكذكتسئµ also does not condone any form of retaliation, discrimination, or hate, and supports the reporting of any code of conduct violation, whether from known or anonymous individuals. The Dean of Student Services serves as the Title IX Coordinator for the University.

Title IX Coordinator (AZ & IL)

Shannon Sesterhenn
Dean of Students
IL Campus Phone: 630-515-6470
AZ Campus Phone: 623-572-3329

Training course taken: NASPA Training Materials for Title IX Coordinators

More Resources

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Health and Wellness

We're here to promote health! At ذكذكتسئµ, we require all students to possess comprehensive health insurance through either their own coverage or through the University's partnership with Aetna Student Health. We also provide access to our Family Practice Clinic for primary care, acute medical issues, immunizations, and more, helping to promote your well-being throughout your academic journey.

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Campus Recreation

Take a study break, participate in a wide variety of intramural sports, connect with a hobby, or get your heart rate up at the Wellness and Recreation Center.

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Additional Resources

Find out more about special lactation rooms, study lounges, and places for spiritual reflection.

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